In Africa everything is done with the heart, not with the head. If you sit down with a calculator and start doing all these risk analyses, then Africa is not for you.

Welcome to Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited

Committed to delivering a range of quality travel services, which are rarely matched in terms of precision-planning and intuitive client service, Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited (Tourism License Number: 150448) is a ‘Destination Management Company’ of repute. East African born and bred, both the management team and travel planning executives bring an unusual degree of professionalism and practical experience to the range of travel options offered in Uganda and Rwanda.

With offices in Uganda, excellent inter-industry links and a team of driver/guides whose warmth and in-depth understanding of Africa, her wildlife and her wilderness, is unique – at Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited we believe we’re the experts when it comes to tailoring an African experience to exceed your expectations.

Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited is a small owner run company that prides itself in designing 100% tailored safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

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