2 days Murchison falls national park safari package

Cost Per Person

Minimum 2 people required


Per person
Per person
Per person
 $360 (2 people) $590 (2 people) $800 (2 people)
 $320 (4-6 people) $450 (4-6 people) $700 (4-6 people)

2 days Murchison falls national park safari package allows travelers to see lions, crocodile, hippopotamus, african buffalo, elephants, rothchilds giraffe, Uganda kobs. Murchison falls national park. Murchison Falls National Park located on the shore of Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. It’s known for Murchison Falls, where the Victoria Nile River squeezes through a narrow 7 meter gap. Detailed Itinerary based on day by day

Day 1:2 days Murchison falls safari starts

5:30am Driving to Murchison falls for your 2 days safari begins when you are picked up from your address. The drive will take you 4hr30 to reach the entry gate into the park. Crossing the river by ferry from the southern bank to the northern bank area of Paraa. You will head to Paraa lodge which is the upper end lodge on the northern bank of the river. Having lunch at paraa lodge which is served from 12:30pm to 3pm. You will have your lunch until 1:45pm whereby after your lunch at paraa lodge your driver will bring you down at the river. You will board the African Queen double decker boat for a 3 hour boat ride. While on the boat ride along the victoria nile, you will get a chance to see several animal species. Some of the animals you will see on this two day’ safari to murchison falls include nile crocodiles, big nile perch fish, lots of birds and animals coming to the victoria nile river for a drink of water.

When the boat stops for a clear view of the murchison falls, travelers with steady safaris limited will be required to disembark the boat and take a 40min hike along the murchison falls. This walk will take you to the highest point where you get a very good view of the surrounding area. Murchison falls hikers will experience a thunderous power of the falls. The murchison falls are remarkable falls deriving there name given to the point at which the world’s longest river, the river Nile, is reduced from 100meters and squeezed into 7meters through a narrow gorge, plunging almost 40 metres below. Sir Roderick Murchison (1851–1853), was President of the Royal Geographical Society, who encourage british explorers to undertake many explorations within ‘colonial’ Africa, most notably the search for the source of the river Nile. After your walk your guide drive will meet you at the top and drive you to your accommodation.


You will be staying at Fort Murchison lodge which is Set on the northern banks of the victoria nile 9kms kilometer from the Tangi gate and 12kms to pakwachi town. On the eastern banks of the Albert Nile, Fort Murchison replicates the idea of a well maintained isolated outpost similar to slave trade. Built in the right spot and inspired by the historical background, Fort Murchison is unlike any other in Uganda. The massive tower, the earth colored walls, with a touch of Swahili style... will impress any budget traveler.

Fort Murchison offers a variety of comfortable sleeping arrangement to suit budgets from the mid to lower market. Fort Murchison is situated in the former Aswa Lolim Game reserve, outside the northern park boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park. It is set in a beautiful surrounding and looks out on the majestic Albert Nile.


Pakuba Safari Lodge is located on the Eastern Bank of the Albert Nile in Murchison Falls National Park overlooking the spectacular Albert Nile. The location of pakuba safari lodge is best in comparison to all the other lodges. With captivating view of the wilderness where travelers get the chance to sight Giraffes, Elephants, Antelopes and occasionally Leopards that pay regular visits to the lodge.


Established in 1954, Paraa Safari Lodge is in Murchison Falls National Park. The lodge is located in the north west of Uganda over looking one of nature's best kept secrets, the River Nile, on its journey from its source at Lake Victoria to join Lake Albert

Day 2: 2 day safari Murchison falls national park morning game viewing

6:00am breafast will be served before we checkout and go for 4hour game drive on the savannah plains of Murchison falls. We search for lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, african buffalo, Uganda kobs, oribi, jackson hartebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthog, hyena, side-striped jackal, patus monkey and baboon. We cross the ferry at 11:00am and exit the park where we will have lunch at Kabalega resort hotel before we continue to Kampala arriving at 4:30pm. This marks the end of the 2 day safari to murchison falls national park

What's included in this price?

  • Transport using customised vehicle and opening roof;
  • passengers and public liability insurance;
  • full board;
  • Expert driver/guide and Uganda Wildlife Authority professional armed rangers in the park when required;
  • all fees for the excursions - activities as stated in the day by day program;
  • all park entrance fees;
  • Accommodation as stated;
  • return airport transfers if required.

What is Excluded
  • Interational flight to and from Uganda,
  • visas if required,
  • personal travel insurance,
  • chimpanzee permits,
  • drinks,
  • tips,
  • laundry,
  • optional activities,
  • extras,
  • personal items and everything not stated in the day by day program.

Booking Terms

  • 1. At the moment of booking a deposit of the 40% of the total amount is due.
  • 2. Bookings must be made at least 60 days before the date of departure.
  • 3. Steady Safaris Ltd reserves the right to don't accept bookings made less than 60 days prior the date of departure.
  • 4. Full payment has to be made not less than 30 days before the departing date of the tour.
  • 5. If the full amount is not paid in due time, Steady Safaris Ltd reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled.
  • 6. Cancellations: 60 days prior to departure date of the tour, full refund of deposit; between 60 and 30 days, refund of 50% of deposit; less than 30 days, no refund.
  • 7. Gorilla permits are non-refundable.

Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest is known for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos, nile crocodiles, big nile perch fish, great hards of elephants, rothschilds giraffes.Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s largest national park measuring a surface area of 3843 square kilometers. It is a protect wildlife sanctuary which is home to a variety of different wild animal species.

Murchinson Falls is the name given to the point at which the world’s longest river, the river Nile, is reduced from 100meters and squeezed 7meters through a narrow gorge, plunging almost 40 metres below. Sir Roderick Murchison (1851–1853), was President of the Royal Geographical Society, which was the catalyst for many explorations within ‘colonial’ Africa, most notably the search for the source of the river Nile.

In the southeast, Rabongo Forest is home to chimpanzees, olive baboons, black-and-white colobus monkey, and other rainforest primates. Murchison falls national park being the best national parks in Uganda visit for any traveler or tourist interested in seeing the big five Leopard, elephant, African buffalo, lion, rhino (southern white).

How to get to Murchison falls national park.

If you are coming from the western world, the only international airport is called Entebbe international airport abbreviated with EBB. From Entebbe you want to sleep in Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda.

Capital: Kampala President: Yoweri Museveni
Population: 41.49 million (2016) World Bank
National anthem: Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty

From Kampala ask your hotel, guesthouse, host, lodge to organize for you a cab or special hire taxi to bring you to the qualicell bus terminal or Arua park. While at qualicell bus terminal you want a public bus heading for Masindi town and while at Arua park you want a bus heading to Arua, although your spot is Pakwach town. When you board of the Arua bus at pakwach town which just 27kms from paraa area, you will then organize a boda boda ride into the park or a special hire taxi which will charge you $70 to take you to Red chilli for budget travellers, Paraa lodge for luxury traveller, Pakuba safari lodge for mid-range travellers.

Masindi is 94kms for you to reach paraa area. Special hire transport from masindi to paraa cost $180.

You could also hire a private self drive vehicle from Kampala with companies such as road trip Uganda, Steady Safaris Limited, Affordable Uganda safaris Limited. You will have to use your google maps to lead you out of kampala as of 1/18/2018 we currently don’t have a locap gps service provider. Once you are on the bombo road it is a straight drive until 164kms at Kafu bridge where you take the only left turn toward masindi town 43kms. From Masindi town you will refuel your vehicle at any total or shell fueling station. Drive past the high court, 100meters to the left is a shell fuel station opposite to your right is the road to take towards Murchison falls national park. 9kms from Masindi town you will take another left turn which is a direct drive to the park get which is 24kms from Masindi town.

When to travel to Murchison falls national park

You can travel to Murchison falls national park all year round. However, January, Feburary, March, June, July, August, October and December are very busy months. The rainy season months are May, April, June, August and October.