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Secrets of Uganda 14 days

Uganda may be known for gorilla tracking safaris, but its magical selection of national parks contain the unique and exotic of an African safari.

14 days secrets of Uganda

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Uganda Luxury Safari trip 11 days

This itinerary is a Uganda luxury Safari trip 11 days and an exclusive Uganda tour into Africa’s remote and mystical regions.

11 days Uganda safari

safaris in Uganda

Exploring Uganda 9 days

Exploring Uganda’s forests brings wonderful moments with nature’s diverse cast: barking baboons, grey-cheeked mangabeys, colobus monkeys, gorillas, chimps.

9 days Exploring Uganda

gorilla tracking safaris

Uganda safari trip 7 days

This Uganda safari trip 7 days hightlight safari in Uganda is the ideal combination of experiencing Uganda's wildlife, Gorillas and scenery!

7 days Uganda safari trip

Uganda gorilla tours

Uganda bird watching

Green-breasted Pitta, African Pitta, Grey-winged Robin, Red-winged Francolin, Joyful Greenbul, White-napped Pigeon, Abyssinian Ground Thrush.

Uganda bird watching

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Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited is a private safari business run and owned by Carlos Olaaka married to Gillian Olaaka, Gillian Olaaka who works with Abanaa Ministries and helps the social action at Calvary Chapel Kampala. Affordable Uganda Safaris ltd activities center around the Travel and Toursim industry within Uganda with two main points of focus: Traditional big 5 African Safaris and Gorillas + Chimpanzee tracking . AUSL plays a major role in bridging the gap between the traveler and the destination awarness, and proudly supports dis-advantaged families with education and welfare from the proceeds that yeild. Carlos Olaaka has been in the safari business since 2004 working with various companies among; Steady Safaris Limited, Mamaland Safaris Limited.

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