kazinga channel


kazinga channel

8 May , 2018  

Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel is link between two lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park. The two lakes are lake George a smaller one found north of national park and lake Edward if found south of the park and stretched into the Democratic republic of Congo.

The Kazinga channel is a haven of wild animals, it is also best known for it’s launch trips that allow a traveler to see the biodiversity of wildlife. Supporting a myriad of water birds particularly great white pelicans, which flock on the sandbanks.

There are large schools of hippopotamus on the Kazinga, along side are crocodiles, buffalos and many animals that come for a drink.

A boat trip on the channel will mark the climax of any wildlife enthusiast visiting queen Elizabeth national park. The boat ride is 3 hours down river and back to the starting point.


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