8 May , 2018  


Ishasha Queen Elizabeth National Park

World over its not common practice for lions to climb trees as the second biggest cats. However, lions in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth national parks, Ishasha sector have taken up the practice of climbing trees.

In the whole of Africa, tree climbing lions are found in Uganda and Tanzania Lake Manyara National Park in the Southern part of Tanzania. The remote, little-visited southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the most alluring game viewing areas in East Africa. It is a must travel to destination for travelers with private transport and a challenging but wholly worthwhile off-the-beaten-track diversion for those reliant on public transport.

The reason of these lions climbing tree commonly known as fig trees is actually unknown. However, speculation suggests that these lions will climb trees to have either clear add advantage of spotting game on in the Savannah grass lands. But again after they have eaten these lions will climb tree, when it rains these lions will climb tree, during the dry season when the grass is very short these lions climb trees.

Nevertheless a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park suggest viewing the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector primarily to witness this rare behavior of the Tree Climbing Lions.

The Ishasha Sector is has claimed a leading position for tree climbing lions that most visitors going to see the gorillas in bwindi will take a few hours to search for the tree climbing.

Ishash river gorge outside the park and upstream of the camp, it an outstanding beautiful area, with a population of chimpanzees. At present the gorge can be accessed by foot from the camp.


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