Family safari holidays Uganda

Family safari holidays Uganda

Family safari holidays Uganda

The first time we took our young children on safari, we weren’t sure how their attention spans would cope with the game drives and early mornings. It was a resounding success and an incredible experience for the whole family. We’ve used this experience and understanding to create our Uganda family safari itineraries, which are designed specifically for adventurous, active and culturally interested families. (Carlos Olaaka – Owner)

A family holiday to Uganda can create memories never to be forgotten. Forget Disneyland and imagine your children seeing a wild lion or an elephant for the first time. The photographic opportunities will be priceless and the children will not only have the time of their lives but also gain a valuable educational experience.

Our family holidays, however, avoid the massive beach resorts and throngs of jeeps. Tucked away in hidden private reserves and beach locations we have carefully selected small and friendly camps and lodges perfect providing personal attention for families.

Uganda is for families who thrive on adventure and is probably most suited to teens and older children. With its incredible lush scenery, an abundance of wildlife, friendly locals and host of thrilling activities you will be sure to gather memories that will remain for a lifetime.

The gorilla trekking experience is often to be the ultimate thrill and if your teens are over the age of 15 years it will be something they will never forget. As well as gorillas there are the highly entertaining chimps to see as well as more traditional wildlife in parks across the country including the unique tree climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Our dedicated family of specialists understand Uganda family holidays. A lot of time and money will be invested getting this year’s family holiday just right and parents want to place their trust in someone who will ensure the holiday is seamless from start to finish. As a family man of 2 boys who absolutely love the wild I have visited most, if not all of the camps, lodges and hotels included in your itinerary and will have carefully assessed their suitability for your family. In addition to this, wherever possible plans will be made to include any special trips or cultural experiences that will create those lasting memories for this once-in-a-life-time Uganda family holiday.

Families can enjoy small remote camps and lodges, and a few like Apoke Lodge in Kidepo and Mweya safari lodge in Queen Elizabeth, Paraa safari lodge in Murchison Falls have family accommodation with two bedrooms and a shared living room under one roof. We will also arrange for you to have your own private guide and vehicle so you can be completely flexible in your game viewing and enjoy the undivided attention of your expert guide more to this you will enjoy a private boat cruise with your own guide where but trips are applicable. Look forward to many precious shared moments, like watching spellbound as a family of elephants tending their babies slowly emerges from the tree line to drink at a waterhole at sunset. You will also witness the hilarious antics of a troupe of baboons as they play, squabble and frantically chase each other around the bushes.

A Uganda safari is the ultimate teenage family holiday. Shared adventure, wild beauty, delicious meals in luxurious remote camps or lodges. The thrill of landing in a small plane on a grass strip beside the herd of antelopes. That wonderful sense of waking, miles from anywhere to the sounds and aromas of Africa and an exciting new day. Spies in a strange land, exploring rivers, savanna and hills, the domain of lion, buffalo and mighty elephant.

Uganda is suitable for a great family safari. For a more adventurous family you might like where you can canoe down the Nile past elephants, track animals on foot across the Kidepo valley. Your senses alert, knowing that you are on the same level as the animals as twigs crack under your feet and your watchful guide leads you a little closer to a couple of adolescent bull elephants nonchalantly tearing branches off a tree.

The options are almost endless, so call us and tell us about your family and we will design the perfect itinerary for you. If you’re adventurous and love walking, explore Lake Mburo National Park from Mihingo Lodge which overlooks a sweeping bend of the lake mburo. Other places for active adventures include Murchison falls national park or Kidepo valley national park or your adult family can come face to face with a family of mountain gorillas in Bwindi and Rwanda.