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Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited

Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited is a private safari business owner-run by Carlos Olaaka married to Gillian Olaaka, who works with Abanaa Ministries and helps the social action at Calvary Chapel Kampala.

Our Family

Affordable Uganda Safaris LimitedMy name is Carlos Olaaka and I’m a father of boys but an uncle to thousands of children everywhere I go and an Entrepreneur. I was born in Uganda grew up in Uganda, went to school in Uganda, went to the village in Uganda. My father was an East African community and Uganda railway worker as a pay master. I grew up in the railway quarters around the Villa Park training ground. I got involved with the tourism industry in 2004 when I saw it as a passionate way of making new friends while serving them. I strongly believe in having a balance between Work/Love/Play and believe that as a tour operator I can help people achieve a few of those goals. The company is called Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited in part because we want every person on planet earth to go on safari with us and enjoy the gift of creation at an affordable price. So let us help you plan the next amazing adventure and show you that some businesses still believe in excellent customer service and delivering exactly what the client is looking for at an affordable cost!

My favorite animal is the spotted hyena and my favorite bird is the Double toothed barbette and my favorite destination in Uganda is the Murchison falls national park.
double-toothed barbette

Affordable Uganda Safaris Limited

Activities center around the Travel and Tourism industry within Uganda and Rwanda as two main points of focus: We specialize in gorilla tracking as we organize affordable and unforgettable tours and excursions from 3 to 20 days, with detail taking care of everything for you including gorilla permits purchases. We can also design individual customized safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, using our typical tours yet modified to cater for your specific wishes

All our tours are available in Budget, Lodges and Luxury versions, and we can also design individual, customized safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, based on our typical tours but modified to cater for your specific wishes.

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